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De Saint-Exupery, aviator and author of The Little Prince, tells us, through the innocence of the protagonist, how the apparently obvious form of a hat, can appear like that of a snake that has swollen an elephant, if you look at it through the eyes of imagination. Each of us has a task: that is to say, give to each shape in our mind the image we want it to be. A dot, a line, a geometry can create thousands more and can create different forms according to the creativity of each of us. It is impossible to quantify our imagination, however challenging it is important: to survive, to fight against a period of time when there is no mercy for dreamers. Challenge your imagination with our application "This is Mine". Complete the initial traces appearing weekly on your screen until you get the shape that your graphic imagination wants to generate and through Facebook measure your thirst for art with your friends by voting the most beautiful drawing by pressing on "like" button!

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