Then, on the App Store, the IPAD version on "iNerds" is now available. This version is totally revised with a lot of new functions and using the 2 players mode, you can try to challenge a friend by means of 15 random levels questions. Also for this version the interactive rankings are available and each player may compare his score with other player's score and value his best or average scores. The game is rendered more enthralling by an effective algorithm that not suggest the same questions.

Quiz is, without any doubt, the most popular and loved game's formula. The reason of this out come is easily explained by the biggest interest that this kind of game arouse in the people without differences between the generations. It is able to attract the people to fix one's eyes on the television. Suddenly, in the recent time, the quiz-game is also transferred on the PC, mobile phone and ,of course iPhone. iNerds, is just born on these basis: a classic quiz-game in that the touch screen take the place of the old-fashioned buttons, but is not the only innovation, in fact iNerds is a quiz-game based on the computer science. Many questions, that are divided in ten growing difficult levels will manage the player ( that can use four different kind of helps) toward the title of "The best Nerd" answering to thirty questions. Then, thank to the interactive rankings each player may control his scores. Are you sure of answer to every questions? Show that!

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